Envoy Engineering Manager Chris Brown Shares Why He Loves the Intuitive Nature of the New Case Workflows


It’s exciting times at Envoy. For nearly 20 years, we’ve used technological innovation to remove the complication and stress from the immigration process for employers and their employees. This month, we’ve introduced the latest generation of our online immigration management platform. In this blog series, members of the Envoy tech and product team share what they love most about the new platform and why.



Chris BrownEngineering Manager Chris Brown shares why he loves the new case workflows:

My favorite feature of the website is the new, smarter case workflows. We’ve implemented a rules engine, a powerful tool for describing behavior, which allows our product team to say how and when to manipulate some parts of the Smart Questionnaire and automatically determine some documents required for the case. This all happens live as the customer is filling out their info and should significantly reduce the amount of time spent on the site filling in case info. It’s my favorite not just because it was a challenging technical problem for us to solve, but mostly because I believe it will save our customers the most time overall during this process.