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How to Use HR Data for Better Recruiting

Finding the right talent for hard-to-fill roles, especially in science, technology, engineering and mathematics (STEM) positions, is challenging. That’s why we created the ultimate go-to guide for recruiting foreign talent. In our ebook Hiring a Foreign National Employee: Essential Sourcing and Screening Guide, author, speaker and consultant Laurie Ruettimann asked five leading HR influencers how to create a talent

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Trump’s Executive Order: What You Need to Know Webinar

With the recent Executive Order from President Trump suspending the admission of certain people from entering the U.S. for a period of 90-days, we have been working around the clock to gather more information to better assist you in understanding the full impact of this EO. Along with Envoy-affiliated attorneys, we’ll be hosting a webinar

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Centro: Tech Company Finds Corporate Immigration Answers

The advertising world has experienced a shift. Marketers want to see their budgets in action through smart automation, analytics and creative campaigns powered by technology. Centro makes this possible. Since its inception in 2001, the digital advertising firm has innovated and streamlined the process for organizations through its software. Read the case study here. Save

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Event Management Provider Ramps Up Green Card Program

“As a technology company, immigration is a means to getting top talent,” says Amy Gulati, former manager of HR operations at Cvent. “We’ve had to look at immigration as a benefit to these employees, because we really see them as valuable performers in our company. [For us, immigration is] a means to obtain the best

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Think Globally Starting With Immigration – a DisruptHR talk by Jamie Gilpin

Jamie Gilpin of Envoy talks about how staying competitive means companies need to truly consider immigration as part of their hiring strategy. She offers an inroad to one of the biggest issues for HR: getting a seat at the leadership table. That inroad is corporate immigration. With a shortage of homegrown talent facing companies in

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Attorney Q&A Series: PERM Labor Certification

In this installment of our attorney Q&A series, we’ve enlisted Karen Gillespie, an attorney from Global Immigration Associates (VISANOW’s exclusively affiliated law firm) to answer common PERM process questions, collected from the attendees of our recent How to Master the Green Card Process webinar.

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If my green card application is pending, how can I use the I-131 and I-765 so I can still work and travel?

If your Adjustment of Status (I-485) green card application is pending, you may want to consider filing an I-765, Application for Employment Authorization Document (EAD), and/or an I-131, Application for Advance Parole Document. An EAD will allow certain foreign nationals to lawfully work for any U.S. employer and can be renewed until the I-485 is

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Testtest Insight News Post Page CSS

TEST INSIGHT/NEWS POST PAGE CSS The skills gap. It impacts companies big and small, stymieing recruitment, stretching resources thin, impeding growth and eating away at the bottom line. How foreign workers fuel talent pipelines explores the skills gap crisis and uncovers a clear solution to the talent shortage: international workers. This is what BODY STRONG looks like This

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