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Best Compliance Practices Webinar

Hefty penalty fines are just one consequence of failing to properly comply with immigration laws. Most organizations put forth good efforts to meet USCIS requirements, yet each year unintentionally commit common infractions. What’s the long-term impact? An inability to secure visas for your company and disruptions to business practices, to name a couple. This doesn’t

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USCIS drafts policy clarifying requirements for work visa transfers

U.S. Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS) published a draft policy memo to help clarify wording in the requirements for H-1B Person in Specialty Occupation and other work visa transfers. Many foreign nationals waiting for employment-based green cards share the concern that a job change would cause them to lose their spot in the green card

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The year in review: Top 10 immigration technology upgrades

Every day our team strives to ensure the user experience is the best not only in immigration but on par with the best platforms they use in their daily lives. We accomplish these goals by constantly listening to our customers’ feedback while having strong convictions toward quality design and technology. As with any growing product, our

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Canada’s Startup Visa Pilot program: A Road to Permanent Residence for the Innovative Minds

by Marina Falkina, Envoy Canadian Immigration Specialist As part of the Economic Action Plan 2012, Canada has expressed its commitment to supporting entrepreneurs and world class innovators. To meet the new and emerging needs of Canadian economy, a new Canada Startup Business Class pilot program was officially launched by Citizenship and Immigration Canada (CIC) in April 2013

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What is the impact of Brexit on global mobility?

The United Kingdom’s recent vote to separate from the European Union (EU) was a surprise move for many. While the impact Brexit (shortened from “British exit”) will have on global mobility is still not entirely clear, there will be no immediate change as Britain embarks on the two-year process of cutting ties with the EU. “We won’t know

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