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B-1 Visa for Business Visitors

For individuals on short trips to the United States to conduct business matters, including contract negotiations, short-term training, attending conferences and in-person consulting.

What is the B-1 visa?

The B-1 visa is optimal for business negotiations, overseas site visits and short-term training. The B-1 business visitor visa grants individuals short trips to the United States to conduct business matters, including contract negotiations, short-term unpaid training, attending conferences and in-person consulting. Select countries don’t require a visa for business travel, and visitors are not permitted to accept employment or work in the United States.

What business activities are covered under the B-1 visa?

Some of the most common business activities include:
  • Negotiating or signing contracts
  • Purchasing business supplies
  • Attending a business meeting, exhibit or convention
  • Settling an estate
  • Taking an exam held in the United States
  • Performing professional services
  • Competing in a non-professional sporting event
  • Conducting independent research

How long does a B-1 visa last?

The initial period of stay for an B-1 visa holder can be from one to six months with a total stay of up to one year. The B-1 visa itself can be valid up to 10 years, depending on country of citizenship. Consult an attorney to learn whether your employee’s B-1 visa validity period exceeds the standard time allotment.

Is the B-1 visa a dual-intent visa?

B-1 visas are not dual intent, meaning holders may face international travel complications if they file a green card petition under this status. It’s recommended they switch to a dual intent visa, such as an H-1B Person in Specialty Occupation visa or an L-1 Intracompany Transfer visa, before applying for legal permanent residency.

How much does a B-1 visa cost?

The filing fee that goes along with an B-1 application is $160. Premium processing is not available for B-1 applications.

Is there a dependent visa for B-1 holders?

Spouses and children of B-1 holders aren’t eligible to apply for a dependent visa. If the traveler would like family members to accompany him or her, separate B-2 visitor visa applications must be filed.

What is a B-2 visa?

The B-2 visa for tourist visitors is for individuals coming to the United States for personal activities. Personal activities covered under the B-2 tourist visitor visa include visits to family or friends, attending weddings, reunions or ceremonies, medical treatment, visits to tourist attractions and taking short recreational classes (such as a two-day cooking class).

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